This Satellite workshop is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. Given the restriction on the number of participants due to the dynamic methodology adopted, registration is mandatory and there will be selection of participants based on their profiles and statements of motivation.

Participants will need to register for this Satellite workshop through a specific form available below (no additional charges), besides registering for the Conference on Complex Systems 2021 (you may choose the 1-Day Online Only Satellite option), paying the corresponding fees.

Please note the following conditions for participation (more detailed conditions on the registration form- see below)

  • Participants are expected to participate in all sessions of the event, as they build upon each other

  • Participants need a stable and strong internet connection

  • Participants are required to create a (free) account in the platform Miro ( A link to a Miro board where the world café part of the session will take place will be given during the event.

  • Participants are required to keep their video cameras turned on during the event

  • Partiicipants are required to have a smartphone with capacity to take photographs and be able to upload photos, if needed, into miro, during the world-café section

  • Participants are invited to have with them drinks and snacks during the world-café session as we will try to create a “café” style environment for informal and creative discussions

  • For the world cafe sessions partipants are invited to have with them a set of materials, that they might be prompted to use to express ideias, such as: coloured pens or crayons; A4 white and coloured papers; scissors; cellar-tape; glue, play-dough or plasticine; lego and any other creative craft material

  • More detailed


Upon your registration, you will be asked to provide a paragraph stating your interest and motivation to participate in the event.

Please use the following link for the registration form: